About Us

Mani Engineers Pune was formed in 2013 motivating guidance of our founder Mrs.Manisha Kulkarni and supporting staff, Mani Engineers Pune has emerged as one of the major player in the MEP work projects.

Our head office is at Pune. Our strongest asset is our highly experienced engineers and supporting staff, well equipped and ready to provide the fast and efficient service and ensure the successful execution of our projects and contracts.

Mani Engineers Pune is driven by high values that include integrity, transparency, respect and delivering the highest quality.
Welcomes you with a bouquet of professional engineering services.

We are the engineering Design, integrate and deliver the engineering services company based in Pune, India. We have a huge prospective client database that we have served with different services such as:
1. Fire fighting and security system,
2. Building Utility systems (like air, water, gas,) its storage, piping, and customized automation
3. Building engineering services like electrification (HT & LT), Plumbing, HVAC and industrial fabrications etc.

We specialize in offering sophisticated engineering services at an affordable price.

We have incorporated some Indian and international project design and Project management consultants to give proper services to our clients and to make ourselves strong in those areas of project life cycle.